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Moon Bin is a South Korean singer and actor who was born in Cheongju on January 26, 1998. At the age of six, he started taking dancing lessons, and in middle school, Fantagio Entertainment noticed him. Moon Bin received training in both singing and dancing before making his debut in 2012 with the boy band ASTRO.

Moon Bin has had success with a number of albums and singles as a member of ASTRO, including “Hide & Seek,” “Breathless,” and “All Night.” He has received recognition for his singing ability in addition to his slick dance prowess and engaging stage presence. Outside of ASTRO, Moon Bin has taken part in a number of musical and dance performances.

Name Moon Bin
Date of Birth January 26, 1998
Place of Birth Cheongju, South Korea
Occupation Singer, Actor
Debut 2012
Musical Career – Known for smooth dancing skills and charismatic stage presence<br>- Participated in various musical and dance performances outside of ASTRO
Acting Career – Made his acting debut in 2016 with a role in the web drama “To Be Continued.”- Appeared in several dramas, including “The Best Hit” and “Moment at Eighteen.”- Made cameo appearances in various other shows.
Personal Life – Keeps his personal life private – Open about his struggles with anxiety and has encouraged others to seek help when needed.
Awards and Recognition – Popular Star Award at the Korea Drama Awards for his performance in “Moment at Eighteen” – ASTRO has received numerous awards for their music, including several Bonsang awards at the Golden Disc Awards.

Early Life and Career of Moon Bin

Moon Bin was born in Cheongju, South Korea, on January 26, 1998. He developed a love for dance as a child and started taking classes at the age of six. When Moon Bin was a middle school student, Fantagio Entertainment noticed him and he started taking singing and dancing lessons. He debuted in 2012 as a member of the boy band ASTRO.

Musical Career of  Moon Bin

Since ASTRO’s debut in 2016, Moon Bin has been a part of the group. “Hide & Seek,” “Breathless,” and “All Night,” among other popular albums and singles by the trio, have all been commercial successes. Moon Bin has received recognition for his voice prowess in addition to his slick dance prowess and engaging stage appearance. Outside of ASTRO, he has also taken part in other musical and dance acts.

Acting Career of  Moon Bin

Moon Bin has pursued an acting career in addition to his singing career. He had a part in the web drama “To Be Continued” in 2016, which served as his acting debut. Since then, Moon Bin has made multiple appearances in dramas, including as “The Greatest Hit” and “Moment at Eighteen.” Also, he has appeared in several other shows in cameo roles.

Personal Life of Moon Bin

Although Moon Bin is known for keeping his personal affairs private, he has shown his love and gratitude for his fans in public. Along with encouraging others to get help when necessary, he has also been candid about his own battles with anxiety.

Awards and Recognition of Moon Bin

For his acting and musical performances, Moon Bin has garnered numerous honours and accolades. For his portrayal in “Moment at Eighteen,” he received the Popular Star Award at the Korea Drama Awards in 2019. In addition to various accolades for their music, ASTRO has also won several Bonsang honours from the Golden Disc Awards.


Moon Bin is a well-known actress and singer from South Korea who excels in both professions. He has helped ASTRO succeed as a member of the group and has made a name for himself as a captivating performer. Moon Bin has also pursued acting, and people have praised his on-screen talents. He has maintained his composure and gratitude for his admirers despite his demanding schedule.





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