Atique Ahmed Killed: Atiq Ahmed is no more, Three people dressed as journalists arrived and fired at Atique-Ashraf in front of the police.


Atiq Ahmed, a gangster and the commander of Bahubali, and his brother Ashraf Ahmed were shot and killed. The shooting event that occurred close to Prayagraj Medical College is reported in the media. The reports further mention that everything took place in front of the journalists. Atiq and his brother were shot at by unknown assailants. Many media cameras caught this event on film.

At 10.33 p.m., Ateeq Ahmed and his brother were being taken for medical treatment when a stampede broke out, killing both Ateeq and Ashraf. Both of their deaths were confirmed at 10.36 p.m. Following the murder of Atiq and his brother Ashraf Ahmed, Section 144 was imposed in many areas of Prayagraj.

Atiq’s son, Asad Ahmed, was also killed in an encounter with UP police a few days ago. This news arrived at the same time that Atiq’s hearing was taking place in court. A high-level meeting is currently taking place at the UP CM’s residence. In this case, the UP police also made their first public statement.

According to the police, the murder was officially confirmed. According to Police Commissioner Ramit Sharma, three people came dressed as members of the media. He shot under the guise of taking a bite. These three are identified as Sunny, Arun, and Lavlesh. A constable named Mansingh has also been injured by a bullet.

The forensic team sent to investigate the murders of Atiq Ahmed and Ashraf Ahmed has identified 20 points of interest in the incident. In addition, ten bullet shells have been recovered.

Former UP CM and Samajwadi Party chief Akhilesh Yadav was among the first to tweet about the incident. In his tweet, Akhilesh stated:

“In Uttar Pradesh, crime has reached a peak, and criminal morale is high. When someone can be killed by openly firing amidst a police security cordon, what about the general public’s safety? This is instilling fear in the general public. Yes, it appears that some people are purposefully creating such an atmosphere.”


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