Save Mother Earth

Mother Earth

Mother Earth provides us with air, water, food and shelter. 

What is the consequence of deforestation of Mother Earth

As a result of deforestation, i.e., cutting down trees and clearing forests, the wood got from the trees is being lost. The wood got from trees is used for various purposes. It is used to make furniture, walls and panelling, planks for railway tracks, boats and many other useful things. If the cutting down of tree continues, a time will come when all the wood in nature will be used up. Thenatural resource will not be available anymore. The cutting of trees is also disturbing the balance of oxygen and carbo dioxide in the air. So air that we breathe is becoming unfit for human life. As the woods and forests are being cleared, the animals living here are als disappearing. So deforestation is also putting wildlife in danger. Lastly, tree make our surroundings beautiful. Without trees this earth will become concrete jungle.

What is air pollution of Mother Earth

Man is setting up big factories by clearing forests. In these factories, huge machines are used to manufacture various items of our daily use. During the process of manufacturing the different products, smoke is released into the atmosphere through the chimneys that factories have.

The thick black smoke fills the air with harmful gases and makes it impure Both Moreover, the waste matter produced is released into the rivers and streams This pollutes the water. Air pollution is also caused by vehicles-cars, scooters and bikes constantly emit fumes that can cause various ailments.

The diseases like asthma, lung congestion and respiratory disorders are all partly caused by the polluted air we breathe. Remember, we also pullute the air by bursting crackers during Diwali. We must celebrate Diwali with diyas if we do not want to make the air, we breathe, impure,

What is land pollution mother earth

All items or products that man uses should be biodegradable i.e., shoulddecompose and mix with the soil. However, some items like polybags, tin cans cannot be easily destroyed. Neither can they decompose on their own. So polybags and tin cans keep piling into heaps and form mountains of rubbish. They litter the land. Moreover, polybags are sometimes eaten by animals To her particularly the cow. At times it chokes the animal to death. If garbage, keeps accumulating and is not cleared regularly its foul smell polluted the environment.


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