Lakers’ Anthony Davis: LeBron James Told Me He Could Retire Before 2024 Olympics

Lakers finish off Blazers in efficient win as road trip looms

Even if LeBron James returns to the NBA for a 21st season, the Los Angeles Lakers star may not be around for long.

According to ESPN’s Dave McMenamin, James has warned teammate Anthony Davis that he may retire before the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris. The quadrennial event will begin next July, following the conclusion of the 2023-24 NBA season.That schedule implies that James will not wait for his oldest kid, Bronny, to make it to the NBA. He has stated on several times that he would like to play in the league with his son before retiring from the sport.

Following Monday’s 113-111 loss to the Denver Nuggets, James struck a philosophical tone, admitting that nothing is certain.

“I’ve done what I had to do in this league, and my son is going to take his journey,” he stated, according to McMenamin. “And whatever his journey, however his journey unfolds, he’ll do what’s best for him.” So, just because something is my ambition or objective, it does not imply that it is his. And I’m perfectly OK with it.”Aside from that dynamic, there’s the simple truth that James may reconsider playing another two years because getting to where he needs to be physically becomes increasingly challenging.

Former NFL quarterback Tom Brady alluded to the difficulties before of the 2022 season.

“When football season starts, I think everyone understands it’s 100 percent football, and that’s just the way you have to be, and it’s a big commitment to make,” he told reporters. “And in order to play every game, you’ve got to train really hard, so I’ve got to train really hard at 44 years old, which is a big commitment.”

Aside from perhaps being teammates with his kid, James doesn’t have much else to aim for. His legacy has been guaranteed. Winning another championship would be fantastic, but relaxing and skipping the grind of an NBA season wouldn’t be too awful either.

It’s not like the 38-year-old won’t have other interests to keep him busy.

When James decides to resign, there will be a period of shock. That’s normal for someone of his size.

Nobody should be shocked if he retires following the 2023-24 season.


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