Hanuman Jayanti 2023: Do Hanuman Ji’s aarti meticulously today for five blessings that will help your family as a whole.

Hanuman jayanti 2023

We honour Bajrangbali by keeping a fast today, April 6, in observance of Hanuman Jayanti. Recite the Hanuman Chalisa on this day and carry out Hanuman ji’s Aarti if you cannot worship by the law due to a lack of time. Also, this will grant your requests. Let us know the method of Hanuman ji’s Aarti and its benefits.

Benefits of Hanuman Ji’s Aarti

1. A person is cured of illnesses and flaws by doing the Hanuman ji aarti. He receives Bajrangbali’s blessing.

2. Regularly doing Hanuman ji aarti helps devotees reach the highest rank in heaven. Aarti’s final phrase refers to it.

3. Aarti eradicates the negativity and flaws inside the house.

4. Bajrangbali’s grace vanquishes fear and sadness.

5. You can find mental calm by performing Hanuman Ji’s Aarti daily. The tendency to be vindictive ends.

How to do Hanuman ji’s aarti?

On Hanuman Jayanti, Aarti is performed after worship. Make a brass lamp or a flour lamp for this. Fill a wick with jasmine oil or cow’s ghee and wrap it in red thread. Burn it and keep it on a plate to avoid burning your hands. Perform Hanuman ji aarti while ringing the bell and conch shell. At the end of Aarti, recite the Karpoorgauram Mantra. Carry the Aarti lamp throughout the house. Then burn it at the place of worship. Remove him from there once he has calmed down.

How did hanuman ji get his name hanuman?

Hanuman ji’s childhood name was Maruti, according to legend. Hanumanji once saw the sun and was so excited that he ate it, thinking it was a fruit. There was darkness in the world after that. Then all the gods got upset and came to persuade Hanumanji, but Maruti sat down after removing him and did not agree till the end; in such a situation, Lord Indra had to lift his Vraj. Indra Dev hit Maruti’s Hanu on the chin with his Vraj, which hit Hanumanji’s Hanu, i.e. chin, due to which Hanumanji’s Hanu was broken, because of which his name was called Hanuman.

How did Hanumanji get the name Bajrangbali?

According to legend, Hanumanji was the son of Vanaraja Kesari and Anjani. The sages blessed Kesari to have a very strong and serviceable child. That’s why Hanuman’s body was as hard as iron. That’s why he came to be called Vajrang. Being very powerful, the word Bali was also associated with Vajrang, and Hanumanji’s name became Vajrangbali which became colloquial Bajrangbali. By the way, his childhood name was Maruti.


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