Actor and filmmaker Satish Kaushik died at the age of 66 in Delhi due to heart attack on Wednesday.

At the age of 66, actor Satish Kaushik passed away. In the automobile, Koshik suffered a heart attack. His remains is currently being placed in Delhi’s Deendayal Hospital mortuary for a postmortem.

Satish Kaushik’s death The entire film industry is stunned by the death of the famous actor , director and actor Satish Kaushik. Koshish passed away on Wednesday night. His body is currently in the mortuary at Deendayal Hospital in Delhi. Following the post-mortem the body will be transferred to family members. The day before the death of his father, he also tweeted about the festivities of Holi. After enjoying Holi the day before, he took an adventure to Delhi. In the car, he suffered an heart attack inside the car. the patient arrived at hospital with a critical illness, however his life was not saved.

In the past couple of years, Kaushik’s weight was also growing continuously. The actor was suffering from an an obesity issue. Doctors have said that obesity is a significant danger factor in heart attacks. The chance of having a heart attack for a person who is obese is more likely than normal people. In this case it is a matter of whether Satish Kaushik was suffering from heart problems because of his weight gain? Or , is there a different cause for his the loss of life? To find out the answer to that question, we spoken to two cardiologists.

Does obesity cause heart disease?

Dr. Deepak Suman, Senior Resident Doctor at the Cardiology Department at Safdarjung Hospital in Delhi and Chief Advisor to the Federation of India Medical Association (FAMA) Explains that heart disease and obesity are inextricably linked. If obesity is a problem in the body, the risk of heart disease rises exponentially. Because of obesity it is possible to develop of developing issues like hypertension and diabetes in the body. This is a process that gradually damages the heart. These issues take on a more serious shape as we age. Most of the time due to the weight gain and a rise in bad cholesterol, triglycerides and bad cholesterol begins to increase within the body. The risk of having a heart attack because of this.

Based on the doctor Dr. Deepak, people whose body mass index is higher than 30 are at risk for heart disease is a lot higher than the average person. It has also been proven through numerous studies that the lifestyle-related diseases that are caused by obesity can cause heart problems in the old age.

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