Woods struggled with his putting and made several uncharacteristic mistakes, including hitting the ball into the water twice.

Despite the setbacks, Woods persevered, fighting through the pain caused by his back injury to finish the round with a score of 4-over 76.

Woods' performance in the first round raised doubts about his ability to recapture the Masters magic he's known for.

However, Woods has a history of overcoming adversity and bouncing back from tough starts.

His resilience and determination have never been in doubt, and he will need both if he hopes to contend for the title.

Woods will have to improve his game in the next three rounds to have a chance at winning.

Woods' return to Augusta National is a testament to his love for the game and his unyielding spirit.

He has won the Masters five times before, but his last victory was in 2005.

He received a warm welcome from the fans at Augusta National, who appreciate his contributions to the sport.

Whether or not Woods wins the Masters this year, his legacy in the sport is secure.

His impact on the sport and on society as a whole cannot be overstated.