Donald Trump is a businessman, politician, and former U.S. President.

Trump news covers ongoing legal battles, political endorsements, and public statements.

Stormy Daniels is a former adult film actress who claimed to have had an affair with Trump.

Trump was impeached twice during his presidency but acquitted both times.

Trump's policies included a travel ban, a border wall, and withdrawal from the Paris climate agreement.

Trump faced criticism for handling the COVID-19 pandemic and racial justice protests.

A highly polarized political climate marked Trump's presidency.

Trump has had a contentious relationship with the media and often uses social media to communicate with supporters.

Trump's business career includes real estate development and other ventures.

Trump has been involved in various lawsuits and legal controversies throughout his career.

Trump's alleged affair with Stormy Daniels raised questions about non-disclosure agreements and political scandals.

Trump has faced criticism for handling women's issues and allegations of sexual misconduct.

Trump remains a highly divisive and polarizing figure in American politics.

Trump's supporters view him as a champion of conservative values and American exceptionalism.

Trump's opponents view him as a threat to democracy and social justice.

Trump's political influence remains strong, particularly.