Schofield, Bettencourt file bill seeking voter approval to end Daylight Savings Time

Changing our clocks is a health hazard. Just ask a sleep doctor

Start the day with a healthy breakfast first thing in the morning. Food tells your body it is the start of the day.

Prioritize daylight exposure. Go for a walk outside, as sunlight and exercise help realign the body clock.

Help yourself and your children adjust by gradually going to bed a little bit earlier each day.

What Time Do the Clocks Go Forward for Daylight Saving?

Rubio’s bill won unanimous Senate approval last year, but it died in the House without getting a vote.

The U.S. had daylight savings time as early as 1918, with the current federal policy being enacted in 1966, as the Uniform Time Act.

Human circadian rhythms are very closely linked to the rising and setting of the sun," explains Jennifer Martin, a psychologist who is also president of the AASM.