‘Top G’ Andrew Tate Blasts Shane O’s ‘7 Jacket’ In First Video Since Release From Jail

Andrew Tate speaks of ‘absolute clarity of thought’ after move to house arrest

Andrew Tate and brother moved to house arrest in Romania

He says: “Since last year I’ve been in 24-hour lockdown. No yard time.

Tate’s lawyer, Eugen Vidineac, said: “We see the court decision as legal, thorough and correct.

judge’s decision last week to extend his arrest a fourth time for 30 days, said Ramona Bolla

I have no resentment towards Romania or anyone else in the country, I only believe in the truth.

I believe in the end justice will prevail and there is a 0 percent chance that I will be found guilty of something I did not do.

I’m innocent and I think everyone understands tat and I’m glad to be home.

I have no resentment in my heart for the country of Romania or for anybody else, he said.