Peso Pluma Talks About His “Éxodo” Times, Cardi B’s Co-Signature, and Coachella Success

Peso Pluma Talks About His "Éxodo" Times, Cardi B's Co-Signature, and Coachella Success

For his latest single, “Put ‘M in the Fridge,” rapper Pluma, who was born in the Bronx, New York, showcased their respective athletic prowess.

This song is off Pluma’s recently released album “éxodo,” which was released on Thursday, June 20.

At this, Cardi wrests in its first and second languages: “Diablo Cardi / Tango a to ‘Los Narcos Smell de Low White / YA Sus Mamis Pidiado Q Le Ferman Los Panty.” Translated into English: “Devil Cardi / I have the smell of white / And your girls asked me to sign their panties.”

You already know who Peso Pluma is. A Grammy winner’s introduction of Mexican music to the world.


He then rhymes, “Yes no ‘tamos broc,’ Tamos Shining, ‘Tamos Preity / White Powder del Aeropuarto Cruzando Pa’ La City.” In English translation: “We are no longer broken, we are shining, we are beautiful / white powder from the airport crossing the city.”

Despite the fact that Cardi, an Ephro-Latina, has stated that English is her first language, he has encouraged conversing in both languages at home.

“My mother is an English speaker. However, my father actually speaks Spanish the most of the time,” she said to Jazzis World TV in 2022. Additionally, a few of my family members do not speak English. I thus developed. With both.

Later on in the song, Pluma, a native Spanish speaker, asserts his English skills: “Forty shooters, if I send them, they / fifty kg, if you need them, then they are Comin in / hundred thousand real closes and They say ‘Ri Mexican / I say, and they put you in the fridge.”

As a fellow rapper threatens to sue, BIA teases Cardi B’s disclosure.

Throughout the new album’s two disks of different styles, Pluma raps in English on multiple tracks. Regional Mexican music and corridos tambados may be heard on the first disk, while Latin trap and regon can be heard on the second. Quavo, Anitta, Rich the Kid, Archengel, and DJ Snake are among the other features on the rapper’s fourth body.


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