Learn about World Music Day 2024, including its history, significance, and date

Learn about World Music Day 2024, including its history, significance, and date.

June 21 is designated as Global Music Day, or Fête de la Musique, an international festival of music. Together, individuals from all around the world display their talents, resulting in a musical experience that is inclusive and diverse. It’s a day to celebrate the diverse range of musical traditions found around the world, to foster cross-cultural understanding, and to inspire everyone to engage with music in some capacity—whether as a performer, student, or listener.

This global occasion also emphasizes the influence of music, as well as its extraordinary capacity to transcend cultural divides and serve as a universal language. Let’s examine the fascinating background, relevance, exuberant celebrations, and sayings related to World Music Day in this article.


History of World Music Day 2024

The concept of observing a day devoted to music was first put out in 1981 by composer Maurice Fleuret, radio producer, and music journalist Jack Lang, the French Ministry of Culture. World Music Day was first observed in France and quickly spread throughout the globe. When Paris hosted its inaugural Fête de la Musique in 1982, over a thousand musicians performed all across the city.


Global Music Day 2024: Significance

The catchphrase for World Music Day celebrations is Faites de la musique. The inspirational phrase “Fairez de la musique” means “Make music.” It exhorts people to leave their houses and use their music to improve the world. We are happier, less stressed, and have stronger relationships with the people we love when we listen to music. This year’s official theme for World Music Day has not yet been announced. The topic for World Music Day last year was “Music on the Intersections.”

2024’s World Music Day: Date and Theme

Every year on June 21, World Music Day is observed; this year, it falls on a Friday. Although the official topic for the celebration this year has not yet been revealed, the theme from the previous year, “Music on the Intersections,” in 2023, proved to be a great hit.


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