Katy Perry teases the upcoming era by revealing her new song, “Woman’s World,” which will be available on July 11.

Katy Perry teases the upcoming era by revealing her new song, "Woman's World," which will be available on July 11.

Katy Perry has formally revealed that the first single from her upcoming sixth album, “Woman’s World,” will be released the following month. This announcement follows her recent private listening sessions.

The official music video for “Woman’s World,” which the pop artist intends to release the day after, will debut on July 11 at 7 p.m. ET. She also disclosed the single cover image, which was taken by Jack Bridgland and featured her wearing a bikini top and metallic pants that resembled armor. Perry teased a little song called “Woman’s World” on TikTok, performing a self-portrait while lip-syncing.


There aren’t many details available about her upcoming sixth album, which doesn’t even have a title or release date yet. It’s been nearly four years since Perry’s release of “Smile,” which debuted at No. 5 on the Billboard 200 and produced several singles, including “Daisies” and the title track. During that period, Perry went on tour with her Play residency in Las Vegas, which ran from 2021 to 2023. Last November’s final performance hinted at her upcoming era with the words “See you next year” flashing on a screen.


In September, Perry sold her catalog for $255 million to Litmus Music, the Carlyle-backed company that launched in 2022 and also acquired Keith Urban’s master recording rights. Perry has been busy away from the music industry. She served as a judge on “American Idol” for seven seasons, beginning in February and ending in May.


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