Examining the facts of Donald Trump and Joe Biden’s first presidential debate in 2024

Examining the facts of Donald Trump and Joe Biden's first presidential debate in 2024

The 2024 season’s first general election debate has begun. President of the United States Joe Biden and Republican opponent Donald Trump are facing off in an effort to win over voters who are still on the fence. Both candidates will highlight their accomplishments while in office and their goals for the upcoming term. They will also probably make an effort to present these points of view in the most favorable light.

After the conclusion of the first presidential debate of the 2024 election, political analysts spoke with NewsNation about the debate’s structure, substance, and relative standings.

Chris Cuomo was joined by Dan Abrams and Elizabeth Vargas of NewsNation to talk about some of the most popular discussion topics: Was all of Joe Biden present? Did Donald Trump behave differently than his detractors thought? Will things be different tonight?

“I believe that the discussion could have an impact. Vargas remarked, “I’m not sure it makes the difference that the Biden campaign wants it to.”


Live: RFK Jr. reacts to Biden-Trump debate


Biden’s gravelly voice concerned some observers. “He did not look sure-footed, he did not sound sure-footed. He did pick up a little bit of steam, of energy, later, especially when sparring when former President Trump,” Vargas said. The peculiar format of the debate also gave some pause.

Access to abortion is contentious in the Trump-Biden debate

“I believe that tonight’s format—cutting the microphones and having no audience—didn’t work well for Biden,” Vargas remarked.

But the structure worked well for Trump since it prevented the previous president from interjecting or appearing disruptive during the discussion.

However, the format was merely one element of Abrams’s puzzle. “I don’t believe the format in this case turned into a problem. It is impossible to claim that Joe Biden had a pleasant evening, Abrams suggested. “After this debate, I don’t think it’s credible to say that Joe Biden had a great night,” said the speaker.


Though he believed that neither candidate stood out enough to win over hesitant voters, Abrams feels that the discussion was really about the undecided voters. “If either of you performed the way either of them performed tonight, you’d be out of a job,” Cuomo said in summarizing the three members of the group.


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