Discover the definition of Juneteenth festival and the reasons behind its celebration

Discover the definition of Juneteenth and the reasons behind its celebration.

This week is Juneteenth, the fourth year that the festival is observed as a federal holiday in the United States, but the festivities are nothing new.

The June 19 holiday has been a significant celebration for numerous Black communities nationwide for over 150 years.

After becoming a federal holiday in 2021, Juneteenth is now celebrated more widely outside of Black America. A lot of people take the day off from work or school, and there are lots of fairs, concerts, street festivals, and other activities.


How is Juneteenth commemorated, and what does it mean?

Juneteenth commemorates the day, two years after President Abraham Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation, in 1865, when enslaved people in Galveston, Texas, learned they had been released.

Outdoor areas for large-scale, boisterous reunions of formerly enslaved families, many of whom had been split up, in the early years following the conclusion of the Civil War. The absence of the “Black Codes,” which restricted emancipated slaves’ ability to vote, own property, assemble for prayer, and engage in other everyday activities, made the gatherings particularly revolutionary.


What other names does Juneteenth go by?

In addition to these names over the years, Juneteenth has also been referred to as Black Independence Day, Emancipation Day, Freedom Day, and Second Independence Day.


Ways to welcome individuals on Juneteenth

The comedian Freeman stated that it’s customary to wish folks a “Happy Juneteenth” or “Happy Teenth.”

“You know how at Christmas people will say ‘Merry Christmas’ to each other and not even know each other? Everyone can wish you a “Merry Christmas.” The same applies here,” Freeman remarked.

What is Juneteenth open and closed?

Many facilities will close on June 19 in observance of the holiday, while others won’t be impacted.


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