Describe Project 2025 And who is in charge of Project 2025?

Describe Project 2025 And who is in charge of Project 2025?

What is Project 2025?

A proposal known as Project 2025 has been in the works for several decades. This 900-page manifesto, written by the conservative think tank Heritage Foundation, is divided into 30 chapters and contains a strategy for restructuring the federal government.

“Our objective is to assemble an army of aligned, vetted, trained and prepared conservatives to go to work on day one to deconstruct the administrative state,” reads their policy program. Different authors, some with connections to the Trump administration, penned each chapter. They are all conservative in their religious beliefs. The goal is to install a theocracy in place of our democracy and abolish the concept of the separation of church and state. I realize it sounds absurd that something similar might occur in the United States. However, here we are.

The fear that Mr. Trump’s return to power would pose a serious threat not only to their agenda but also to American democracy itself has brought together a vast network of Democratic officials, progressive activists, watchdog groups, and former Republicans to prepare for a potential second Trump presidency, as reported by The New York Times on Sunday, June 16. As we anticipate July 4th and the celebration of our liberties, let us search for political candidates that uphold democracy.

Behind Project 2025, who is it?

The Heritage Foundation, a 50-year-old conservative think tank that is one of the most significant right-wing organizations in the nation, is the creator of Project 2025.

The Heritage Foundation has been promoting its conservative agenda in almost every aspect of American life for the better part of fifty years. Examples of these include voting suppression, anti-abortion lobbying, anti-climate legislation, and anti-LGBTQ advocacy.

Project 2025 is a coalition comprising over 100 right-wing organizations, including well-known organizations such as Moms For Liberty, the Public Interest Legal Foundation, and America First Legal, even though it was established by The Heritage Foundation. NBC News reports that since Project 2025 was revealed, a vast network of right-wing dark money organizations affiliated with it, headed by the Donors Trust, which has ties to Leonard Leo, have witnessed a significant increase in donations.

According to the organization, “more than 400 scholars and policy experts from across the conservative movement and around the country” authored the chapters in the Project 2025 plan and 180-Day Playbook. This comprises prominent right-wing personalities and former members of the Trump administration, such as Peter Navarro, who served as Trump’s top trade advisor, and former Acting Secretary of Defense Christopher Miller and Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security Ken Cuccinelli.


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