Chappell Roan’s “Unbelievable” costume change on “The Tonight Show” has fans going crazy

Chappell Roan's "Unbelievable" costume change on "The Tonight Show" has fans going crazy.

Chappell Roan is currently experiencing an uncommon, heady rise to pop stardom, and it seems like every week she achieves something new. You see it in real time, with festival goers swarming her afternoon concerts. Roan appeared on Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show last night, and she has already advanced to the point where she performs live and gives a couch interview.


As a musical guest, Chappell Roan sang the hit song “Good Luck, Babe!” which served as impetus for her unexpected ascent. While Roan’s performances always have a strong theatrical element with elaborate costumes, her TV appearances really carry it to the next level. This time, she went for a Black Swan ballet, or perhaps a Swan Lake ballet. For this one, her hair was extremely blonde. I don’t believe I have yet to see that from her. Fantastic condition of the nails, too.


This time, as she sang on TV while surrounded by billowing dry ice fog and wearing a fluffy white tutu, she reminded me more than ever of Kate Bush. She belted out the tune as well. You should get out of your seat when you read the large notation on the last “hate to say I told you so.”


Roan talked about how rapidly she’s taken off, clowned Jimmy Fallon a little, and wore a whole different costume in the interview. (She claims that just about a year ago, she began using music-related expenses to pay her rent.) Fallon also mentioned how Chappell’s Google search results The question “Did you mean your favorite artist’s favorite artist?” appears when you mention Roan. That was most likely “this random twink that works at Google,” according to Roan.


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