Bronny James: In the NBA Draft, will the son of LeBron James be selected?

Bronny James: In the NBA Draft, will the son of LeBron James be selected?

A lot of people didn’t think Bronny James would be selected in the first round of the 2024 NBA Draft. It turns out that a few of those individuals worked in front offices for the NBA.

LeBron James’ oldest kid, who was ranked No. 54 overall by Yahoo Sports’ Krysten Peek, was not chosen in the first round of the NBA on Wednesday. Considering where most skill evaluators had the younger James placed, it should come as no surprise, but there was enough buzz that a team may choose him in order to take advantage of his father that anything looked plausible.


Right now, Bronny is by far the most well-known player from Thursday’s second round, with the Los Angeles Lakers (No. 55 overall) seeming like a logical landing location. Rich Paul, LeBron’s agent, has made it apparent that the two are not a package deal, but Bronny and the Lakers have continued to remain connected throughout the process.

The Lakers would have the first father-son on-court combination in NBA history if they draft Bronny and keep LeBron, who has the option to opt out of his contract shortly. Possibly the biggest steal of the draft, the Lakers selected Tennessee’s Dalton Knecht with their lone remaining selection pick, No. 17 overall.


Los Angeles Lakers

NBA Draft selections for 2024: No. 17 and No. 55 (via Clippers)

If Bronny James was chosen by the Lakers, he wouldn’t even have to leave his Brentwood house. Rather, he would continue to live with his father who had become a teammate.

Bronny James is most obviously and entertainingly suited for the Lakers. But there are concerns regarding the Lakers’ route to selecting him in the draft.

Even in a draft full of doubts, No. 17 is seen to be far too early to spend on Bronny James; yet, he might not make it to No. 55.

LeBron James would have the opportunity to conclude his career as a Laker if Bronny James was chosen. But the Lakers must decide if it is best for All-Star big man Anthony Davis, new head coach JJ Redick, and the team as a whole to take the point guard at No. 17 or use extra draft resources to move up from No. 55.


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