Based on preliminary findings, Claudia Sheinbaum is expected to become the first female president of Mexico.

The first female president of Mexico - Claudia Sheinbaum

Former energy scientist Ms. Sheinbaum has pledged continuity, stating that she will carry on Mr. López Obrador’s “advances” and expand on the welfare initiatives that have helped the departing president gain enormous popularity.

“I will be the first female president of Mexico,” Sheinbaum grinned as she spoke at a downtown hotel just after election officials said that a statistical sample indicated she had an unassailable lead. “I don’t succeed by myself. Together with our moms, daughters, and grandchildren, as well as the heroes who gave us our country, we have all succeeded.

She declared, “We have proven that Mexico is a democratic nation with peaceful elections.”

Sheinbaum received between 58.3% and 60.7% of the vote, based to a statistical sample, according to the head of the National Electoral Institute. Xóchitl Gálvez, the opposition candidate, received between 26.6% and 28.6% of the vote, while Jorge Álvarez Máynez received between 9.9% and 10.8%. Additionally, Sheinbaum’s Morena party was predicted to command majorities in both of the Congress’s houses.

The former mayor of Mexico City and climate scientist claimed that both of her rivals had called her to acknowledge her win.

With almost 50% of voting stations reporting, Sheinbaum led Gálvez by 28 points in the official preliminary tally.

It was almost certain that Mexico would make history on Sunday given the fact that the two front-runners were women. Sheinbaum will also hold the distinction of becoming the nation’s first Jewish leader. The nation is predominately Catholic.


Her Political Life

Sheinbaum, influenced by AMLO, found it difficult to define herself during this campaign.

She has been trying to make an individual statement and has remained true to his policies while trying to get Mexicans to vote for her. The first female president of Mexico is still somewhat of a mystery to many.

Juan Pablo Micozzi, an associate professor of political science at the Autonomous Institute of Technology (ITAM) in Mexico, told Al Jazeera that “it’s complicated.”

Her political path has essentially been one of complete harmony with AMLO. Therefore, without AMLO in command, I find it very difficult to comprehend what Claudia will do on day one,” Micozzi continued.

Other analysts, however, speculate that there might be some hints from her early years.

Sheinbaum was raised in an activist family and got involved in politics at a young age. She began helping groups of families who were looking for their missing children when she was fifteen years old. In the 1980s, she also participated in demonstrations against government meddling in school policy.

At thirty-three, she received her PhD in energy engineering, and while she was working on her thesis, she studied at the University of California, Berkeley.

Her political journey started in 2000 when Lopez Obrador, then the newly elected mayor of Mexico City, selected her to serve as the leader of his environmental team.

She vigorously supported AMLO in the next years while also advancing her own academic and political career, holding office as mayor of Tlalpan and later Mexico City.

“I think we can expect a more structured presidency under Sheinbaum than under Lopez Obrador,” Carlos Ramirez, a political analyst at Integralia, a consulting firm with offices in Mexico City, stated to Al Jazeera. “A more planned, more methodical presidency, with a more technical profile among the officials who will undoubtedly surround and accompany her in her cabinet.”

“President Sheinbaum, in contrast to Lopez Obrador, whose vision has always been very provincial, very local,” is what Ramirez said he expects from Sheinbaum.

Still, she takes over as leader of a country with many difficulties, chief among them being security concerns.

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