Atlanta debate’s prospective Trump vice presidential candidates distort his performance and further their position

Atlanta debate's prospective Trump vice presidential candidates distort his performance and further their position

Even though there won’t be any audience for tonight’s presidential debate, potential running mates for Donald Trump will be present to brag to the public about how well he performed in the hopes of winning the vice presidential nomination.

Along with representatives Elise Stefanik and Byron Donalds, North Dakota governor Doug Burgum, former HUD secretary Ben Carson, and senators J.D. Vance, Marco Rubio, and Tim Scott—all of whom are reportedly being considered for the second position—the CNN debate will reportedly be viewed at a party in Atlanta hosted by former Georgia senator Kelly Loeffler and her husband, with assistance from the RNC cochairs. Tickets are $10,000 per couple, or a whopping $25,000 to be seated at a table with vice presidential candidates. And as today’s “Politico Playbook” pointed out:

There will be more to this evening than just Trump and Biden’s performances. In less than three weeks, the former president will choose a running mate, and you can bet that the TV-obsessed former Apprentice star will be keeping a close eye on how each candidate on his short list does in post-debate spin rooms.

The vice presidential candidates will surely argue that the former president outperformed Joe Biden, who Trump and his supporters have been accusing for weeks of being high on drugs, regardless of how the former president performs in the debate.

Looking ahead, vice presidential candidate Vance stated in a Fox & Friends interview on Wednesday that he could easily defeat Kamala Harris in a debate. The Ohio congressman responded, “I just think the results [of his first term] were so good,” when asked about his previous criticisms of Trump, which had been replaced by constant ring-kissing.


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