As of July 15, Deputy NSA Vikram Misri will serve as the new Foreign Secretary

As of July 15, Deputy NSA Vikram Misri will serve as the new Foreign Secretary

Officer in the Indian Foreign Service (IFS) class of 1989 is Vikram Misri. Misri has previously occupied significant roles. He has held positions in the Prime Minister’s Office and the Ministry of External Affairs.

The government stated on June 28 that Vikram Misri, the Deputy National Security Advisor, will assume the role of Foreign Secretary on July 15. Former Indian ambassador to China Mr. Misri will take over as Foreign Secretary from Vinay Mohan Kwatra.

The Personnel Ministry released a statement announcing the appointment of Vikram Misri, IFS (1989), Deputy National Security Advisor in the National Security Council Secretariat, to the position of Foreign Secretary effective July 15, 2024, succeeding Shri Vinay Kwatra. Given his reputation as an expert on India-China relations, Mr. Misri is anticipated to provide particular attention to the ongoing strain between Beijing and Delhi.

Among Mr. Misri’s notable overseas assignments is Myanmar, where he served as India’s ambassador from 2016 to 2018, the year that the Rohingya crisis in Rakhine state broke out. In 2019, he was then dispatched to China, where he functioned as an ambassador until 2021. It is well known that during the 2020 Galwan issue, he held secret talks with Chinese officials. During his diplomatic career, he also served at the Indian embassies in Pakistan, the United States, Belgium, and Spain.

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