Although Robert Kennedy was not invited to the debate stage, he responded to the identical questions in a competing event

Although Robert Kennedy was not invited to the debate stage, he responded to the identical questions in a competing event

Real-time commentary on the Trump-Biden discussion on Thursday night was provided by Robert Kennedy Jr., whose campaign dubbed it “The Real Debate.”

RFK Jr. was not allowed to participate in the debate by CNN because they felt he did not meet the necessary requirements, such as meeting a polling threshold and appearing on enough state ballots to win the president. Kennedy and his group contended that since the Republican and Democratic National Conventions haven’t yet occurred, former President Donald Trump and President Biden aren’t now on any ballots.

Kennedy’s campaign accused CNN, Mr. Biden, Trump, and their campaigns of breaking federal election law in a complaint it filed with the Federal Election Commission last month. “CNN is making prohibited corporate contributions to both campaigns and the Biden committee and the Trump committee have accepted these prohibited corporate contributions,” the complaint stated.

The CNN debate was aired throughout the event, but Kennedy was given an opportunity to address the audience after Mr. Biden and Mr. Trump answered a particular question. In response to the first two questions presented by CNN’s moderators on Thursday night, Kennedy accused both Mr. Biden and Mr. Trump of being responsible for inflation and the national budget. He also chastised both candidates for their handling of the COVID-19 outbreak, particularly for the closure of companies.

Kennedy criticized both candidates harshly on foreign policy, but he stated that Trump was “more right” than Mr. Biden on the subject of border security. Trump claimed that Biden had permitted Russian President Vladimir Putin to invade Ukraine, but Kennedy pointed out that Trump had also given weapons to Ukraine while in office and had broken a nuclear agreement with Russia.

Kennedy declared that “the two of them are equally culpable in the provocations that led to this war,” but he clarified that he was not “excusing Putin,” arguing that the Russian leader had no right to invade Ukraine in the first place. Kennedy also promised to defend Israel in its conflict with Hamas and any proxy supported by Iran.


Kennedy emphasized how crucial it is to continue supporting Social Security. “It would be outrageous if the United States government did not live up to its full faith and credit of paying back those obligations.”

There was a live audience for Kennedy’s appearance, unlike the Trump-Biden debate.

One of Kennedy’s sons explained his father’s debate strategy earlier this week in a video that was uploaded to Twitter. He said that Kennedy would “have the other two candidates up there as well, saying what they say live, and then we’re gonna give my dad a chance to respond, live.”


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