According to this riveting documentary, Celine Dion experienced a major health crisis

According to this riveting documentary, Celine Dion experienced a major health crisis

Following a protracted health struggle, Céline Dion is finally feeling better.
The Grammy Award winner courageously discusses her experience with stiff-person syndrome, an immunological and neurological disorder that causes muscle spasms and has kept her from performing in recent years, in her new Prime Video documentary “I Am: Céline Dion.”

In a terrifying sequence from the Irene Taylor movie, the 56-year-old experiences a foot spasm following a song recording session for “Love Again.” “This is your first spasm for today?” Terrill Lobo, Dion’s sports medicine therapist, queries her. “Or did you have any others, too?”


Lobo adds, “Part of the disease is that, as soon as you go into a contraction, sometimes the signal to release it, doesn’t understand it,” when she informs him it’s her first of the day. Because of this, her foot ultimately remains in a constricted position.

After that, Lobo tries to relax Dion’s foot by having him lie face down on a massage table.

Lobo says, “This gives us an indication that her body, her brain right now is overstimulated,” to the camera. “And she keeps having spasms because of something.” A crisis could result from that.”
The emotional “My Heart Will Go On” singer can’t talk at this point, but she can still communicate by holding a teammate’s hand.


Dion begins to relax her hands after receiving nasal spray to treat her ailment. Lobo remarks, “It sounds like she’s coming out.” “And if she goes back into a spasm, then we’ll do a 9-1-1.”

Fortunately, Dion begins to feel better and regains his ability to talk. “Every time something like this happens, it makes you feel so embarrassed,” she continues. “You don’t like to not have control of yourself?”


And just what precisely transpired with Dion?

Dion’s doctor, Dr. Amanda Piquet, clarified to TODAY that it wasn’t a seizure, saying, “That anxiety, that panic, that continued spasm that was not breaking then very quickly triggered just a complete whole body spasm.” “The patients are conscious of the spasm that is taking place. Your adrenaline is racing, and you’re feeling a lot of stress and anxiety.”

Dion has promised to go back on stage and entertain her fans despite her health struggles.


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